You Can Learn A Lot From Business Executives In Just 60 Seconds


Executives from corporations, organizations, and governments from around the world visit Ross every year to share insights and lessons with our students, and we want to bring a taste of that to you.

It’s in that spirit that we introduce a new video series from the Ross School of Business, “60 Seconds in the C-Suite.”

Executives visit Ross to do everything from deliver guest lectures, evaluate case simulations, speak at conferences, participate in our Business Leadership in Changing Times course, recruit Ross students for jobs and internships, and more. With clips featuring the CMO of Kraft, the CEO of Ford, the Chief Franchise Officer of Master Card, the CCO of P&G and many more, "60 Seconds in the C-Suite" will give you real insight and lessons from the prominent business executives who talk with our students every day.

We’re launching today with episodes featuring Deanie Elsner, the Chief Marketing Officer of Kraft, talking about how a large food organization stays limber in the face of quickly changing food trends, and Rick Snyder, the Governor of the State of Michigan, discussing the role governments can and should play in spurring entrepreneurial activity.

Check out these episodes below, and look for new installments to be released throughout the summer.



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