West Coast to Welcome Ross Professor’s Talk on Innovation


Innovation is a hot topic in business. Everybody wants it, but how exactly do you encourage it?

Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks

Michigan Ross friends and fans on the West Coast have a great opportunity to explore this topic during a talk by Ross Professor Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks at a free event March 5 in the Seattle area.

The event is sponsored by Ross’ acclaimed Executive MBA Program, which offers courses in Los Angeles as well as Ann Arbor. Sanchez-Burks’ talk will give attendees a sample of the newly expanded Leadership Development Program, a critical component of the Ross EMBA.

A thought leader on the challenges of leading in a global economy, Sanchez-Burks will speak on “Practical Creativity: Enhancing Workplace Innovation.” He’ll share workable, research-based insights into how you can draw on the untapped creative potential in your organization. Sanchez-Burks is the director of the EMBA Leadership Development Program, a comprehensive series of workshops, guest speakers, team activities, and coaching sessions fully integrated into the Ross EMBA experience.

In addition to the talk by Sanchez-Burks, the event includes a cocktail reception. It starts at 6:30 p.m. PST March 5 at the Westin Bellevue, 15 minutes from Seattle. Preregister for the event and learn how you can enable others to make better use of the knowledge and perspective they already possess. If you are interested in earning an Executive MBA from Michigan Ross, learn more about the program on our website.

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