#RossInterns Answer Twitter Questions About Summer Experiences


Ever wonder what it’s really like to work at Google? Or if Pepsi employees get to hang with Beyonce?

Next week, you’ll have the chance to ask questions like these as we host a series of Twitter chats with Ross BBA students interning this summer at some of the world’s biggest companies.

Ever wonder what it's REALLY like to work at Google? Or how you can land an internship at one of the world's biggest companies?

The internship is one of the most beneficial experiences of Ross’ world-class BBA Program, because Ross students spend their summers at real jobs, making real impact, and creating real connections.

Using tag #RossInterns on Twitter, @MichiganRoss will lead discussions with seven Ross BBA students who have internships this summer - and we want you to chime in!

What do you want to know about managing some of the world’s most recognizable brands for Procter and Gamble? @HashtagMaggie can answer that for you on Tuesday.

Have a question about how one Ross student landed a summer gig buying men's clothes for Bloomingdale's stores? @Sophz is at your service on Friday.

If you have a more analytic mind, @Fiqbal333 is analyzing market strategy for PepsiCo this summer. He’s available to tell you all about it on Wednesday!

The full chat schedule is below, so if you have a question just send it via tweet using the tag #RossInterns during the scheduled times, and one of our students will answer it for you. Also, feel free to leave questions in the comments - chats will be archived here afterwards for reference.

#RossInterns Schedule:

Monday, July 29 @ 3pm EDT
Emily Parsons (@em_pars) and Scott Christopher (@secjr75)
Working at: Twitter and Google

Tuesday, July 30 @ 12pm EDT
Maggie Chang (@hashtagmaggie) and Jerry Shi (@jerryshi)
Working at: P&G and Chrysler

Wednesday, July 31 @ 1pm EDT
Farhan Iqbal (@fiqbal333)
Working at: PepsiCo

Friday, August 2 @ 11am EDT
Erica Case (@EricaCase46)
Working at: Microsoft

Friday, August 2 @ 2pm EDT
Sophie Zhao (@sophz)
Working at: Bloomingdales

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