Ross Alums – Tell Us Your Story


Ross alums are changing the world through amazing careers all across the globe – and we want to hear about it! We know you’re up to all sorts of exciting things and we’re looking to share your story. What’s new? What’s amazing? What have you accomplished?

Dividendapp_homeadIf you have an interesting story to tell or news to share, tell us about it in the comments or at Have a new job, new promotion, new baby or wedding news? We want to hear that, too!  

Or if you want to brag on a Ross alum who may be too modest to do so on his or her own, please email us.

Is your spouse, sibling, child or employee who graduated from Ross up to something we need to hear? Send it our way.

We’ll share these stories in Dividend magazine and in our social media outlets. So don’t be shy. Leave a comment, or shoot us a quick email and help us share your story.

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