Financial Times Chooses U-M Ross Student as Featured Blogger


UPDATE: Click here to read Rao's Sept. 29 post "The MBA - A Marathon-Length Sprint"

For the next year, Madhavi Rao will have a new audience. The U-M Ross and SNRE student will be posting to a blog hosted by the Financial Times.

My first two years at Michigan have been a whirlwind of inspiring people, life-changing opportunities, stomach-churning failures and successes that I frequently find it difficult to believe are real.

Madhavi Rao, Financial Times MBA Blog, June 8, 2013

The Financial Times MBA Blog features posts from more than 25 MBA students from a rotating selection of international business schools, such as the London Business School, University of Queensland, and Italy’s MIP Politecnico di Milano.

Rao is one of the many Rossers pursuing a dual degree with the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment through the Erb Institute, and said she is looking forward to sharing the unique U-M culture with the international audience that frequents the Financial Times blog.

“One of the big differences I’ve noticed in talking with some of the international students I go to school with is that in a lot of other countries, your life outside of the school is your life,” she said. “Whereas in the US, this is your whole life for two years, and a lot of the growth experiences that you have will be beyond academics and will come from interactions with your fellow classmates.”

This is the first time a Ross student has been included in the Financial Times' blog rotation, and Rao said she is excited to show readers what being a Ross student is really like.

“I’m going to give a flavor of what it is actually like to live the life of an MBA student rather than just completing the studies or going through all of the different opportunities that business school gives you,” she said.

Read Rao’s first post for the Financial Times. Leave a comment to welcome her to the blog and watch the short video below to hear more about what she plans to post.

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