When We’re Sending Round 1 MBA Interview Invitations and Ways to “Meet” Michigan Ross


Greetings from the Bay Area, where I’ve had the pleasure of meeting lots of great prospective students at our San Francisco Women’s Brunch, RossTalks Palo Alto, and RossTalks San Francisco. Candidates got to meet our alumni and our Dean and not only hear about — but actually experience — the Ross difference.  

Also in the Bay Area are 75 Rossers who are visiting companies like Google, Facebook, Tesla, Uber, Salesforce and IDEO during our Professional Development Week. We have nine other career-focused treks in seven cities across the U.S. where Rossers will meet with alumni and other executives at companies like the World Bank, Goldman Sachs, Nike, Sephora, Microsoft, Energy Impact Partners and more before doing internship interviews after the holidays.

Check out the Michigan Ross Instagram Story later this week for a look at what they’re experiencing at companies across the U.S.

Round 1 Interview Invitations: Thurs Oct 25

For Round 1 applicants: all interview invitations will go out on Thursday Oct 25.

On-campus interview availability fills up quickly, particularly Saturday interview days, so you may want to pay attention to your inbox.

We would love to have you on campus so you can participate in the Team Exercise, but never fear — interviews with local alumni, or those conducted via Skype, carry the same weight.

If you don’t receive an interview invitation, the AdCom will do another review of your application before the decision notification date of Dec 19. On that date, you may either be waitlisted for a possible interview in a later round or denied. The two most common reasons for a candidate not to receive an interview invitation are either test scores or work experience.

Stay tuned for a post in the next couple weeks for interview prep tips.

Round 2ers: Come “Meet” Ross

The Admissions team will be hitting the road again in early November, including a stop in New Delhi after Diwali. If you’re not able to make it to campus or one of our events on the road, we encourage you to check out our many webinars that deep-dive into our resources for different career paths (see sidebar), as well as advice for what it’s like coming to business school with a partner or family.

All of our webinars include the voices and insights of our students. We encourage you to go beyond school websites and meeting the AdCom; connect with current students at every school on your list. They’re the ones who can give you deeper insight into the experience at their school.

Good luck to all! We look forward to “meeting” you - online and in-person.

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