Yes. Attending MBA Admissions Events Will Definitely Help You


If you’re planning to go to business school next fall (which I assume you are if you’re reading this…), then you’re probably already steeped in studying for the GMAT/GRE and researching schools. Maybe you’re considering attending an MBA event in your city or a webinar online but not sure if it’s worth the time. Well, take it from me: It definitely IS worth your time.

Here are three ways that attending one of our events can help you in the admissions process:

  • Get valuable intel on the school. At in-person events, you can talk with alumni and learn about aspects of the program you can’t get from websites and articles. Webinars will give you the opportunity to hear from the admissions committee, and oftentimes current students as well. This is info that can help you create a more compelling application.
  • Get the real scoop on a school’s admissions criteria and process. I’m always surprised when applicants ask and answer each other’s questions about the admissions process on message boards and forums. Why not get answers directly from the source - the Admissions Committee? We’re the ones who developed the criteria and the process. We’d rather get the right information out than see applicants guess at the answer. Feel free to post questions at the end of this blog.
  • Get on the radar of influencers. All of our events are staffed by an AdCom member and/or an alum or current student. During our Committee deliberations, a team member may recall an interaction with an applicant that influences our thinking about a candidate. It may be an interaction with an AdCom member or it could be an interaction shared with us by an alum or students.

Our first admissions webinar for this cycle is coming up next week (Wed June 20 at 1PM ET). The focus of this one will be “How to Choose the Best MBA for You.” We’ll share a framework to help you with your school selection process. We’ll also talk about where Ross falls within that framework.

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We hope you join us for the webinar or at an upcoming admissions event or an informal cafe chat with a student near you.

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