The Ultimate List of Do’s and Dont’s for Attending MBA Admissions Events


In a previous blog, I encouraged MBA candidates to make time to attend recruiting events. Yes, it’s another chunk of your time in the pursuit of B-school. You’re already studying for the GMAT, revising your resume, and starting to draft essays. Think of these events as a break from the solitary, heads-down work you’re doing -- an opportunity to get critical questions answered and learn something new about a school.You’ll get to hear alumni and/or students talk about what their school’s MBA experience is really like.

The prospect of walking into a room full of people — fellow candidates, admissions officers, and alumni — may seem daunting. Here are some tips for how you can make the most of your time at an in-person event:

  • Make a positive, memorable impression.
    AdCom members and alums can become advocates for your candidacy early in the process. How do you stand out in such a short interaction? Practice your “elevator pitch” — i.e., a short, interesting summary of your background and goals.

  • Follow up on good conversations.
    Follow up with people you spoke with and share why you appreciated the conversation. Don’t forget to mention something specific from the conversation so the receiver can more easily remember you. For all of you Gmail users out there, pick an appropriate headshot for your email photo; it’ll help us remember you.
  • Connect with other candidates.
    Events can be a great way to connect with others going through the same thing you are. Some of these attendees could become your future classmates, roommates, or post-MBA coworkers.
  • Show respect for others.
    Often, a circle of candidates forms around an alum or admissions officer in a group conversation. Don’t be the one who interrupts the conversation to ask what the school offers for someone with your unique background and specific interest. Worse yet, don’t be the one who rattles off your background then asks what your chances of admission are. It’s impossible for us to say at this point. As I’ve shared in a previous video, decisions are based on much more than a score, a GPA, and where you work.

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