With the Ross Executive MBA experience, you’ll make an immediate impact.

You’ll gain the knowledge and insight to manage across units, convert your weaknesses into strengths, synthesize diverse viewpoints, and make tough executive decisions. You’ll emerge with the practical know-how and broad perspective needed to ascend to senior management or excel in your current position.

Because our students come to us with a strong experience base, our curriculum is carefully designed to provide you with a strong analytical foundation in the core business areas from a strategic perspective.  The program also allows you to customize your experience to achieve your specific personal and professional outcomes through 15 electives starting in term 3. It includes rigorous core courses, ExecMAP (Multidisciplinary Action Projects), and a leadership development experience which is integrated throughout the 21-month program. Leading your way will be Ross’ most senior faculty members, who have won multiple awards and are highly sought-after experts in their fields.

Terms 1 and 2: August to May
Begin your leadership development journey by strengthening your foundation.

required  electives

Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4
Competing on Value – EMBA 621 Economics of Business – EMBA 604
Evaluating Financial Performance – EMBA 601 Business Analytics and Statistics for Executives – EMBA 603
Capital Allocation and Valuation – EMBA 602  
Leadership Development Theme: Learning and Personal Growth
Month 5 Month 6 Month 7 Month 8
Managing the Value Chain/Supply Chain Management – EMBA 611
Strategic Thinking and Competitive Analysis – EMBA 636
Leading Organizational Change – EMBA 632 Measurement and Control of Organizational Performance – EMBA 615
Leadership Development Theme: Leading Change and Innovation

Term 3: May to August
Build on your core knowledge and pursue your individual interests.

Term 4: August to December
Gain hands-on, high-impact experience with our signature ExecMAP.

required  electives

Month 13 Month 14 Month 15 Month 16
ExecMAP – EMBA 640
  Negotiations – EMBA 634
Leadership Development Theme: Managing the External Environment

Term 5: January to April
Shift toward a global, enterprise-wide perspective.

required  electives

Month 17 Month 18 Month 19 Month 20 Month 21
Financial Statement Analysis, Business Forecasting & Equity Valuation - EMBA 605   Graduation
  Strategies for Growth - EMBA 629  
Global Business Environment - EMBA 639 Competing Globally - EMBA 622
      Personal and Organizational Leadership - EMBA 641
Leadership Development Theme: Defining Your Leadership Vision

Executive Education Electives

Executive MBA students have an opportunity to take an elective via a Michigan Ross Executive Education program after their 2nd term.  Students are not responsible for the cost of this program.

The Positive Leader- EMBA 651

Strategic Human Resource Planning-EMBA 652

Strategic Leaders Program-EMBA 653

Strategic Marketing for the Digital Age-EMBA 654