Why Curriculum Matters

The world today is more dynamic, complex, and challenging than ever before. Your education should embrace this reality and prepare you to succeed in it.

It should develop the knowledge, leadership skills, and analytical ability you need to turn those challenges into opportunities. It should teach you to find connections, cross boundaries, and tear down walls.

Our program combines data-driven analysis with the freedom to pursue your own interests. You take a groundbreaking course that explores the Ross vision of leadership and positive business. In the integrative semester junior year, you look at one group of cases from the different perspectives of each course you take. And a senior capstone experience reinforces everything you’ve learned.

The MERGE curriculum brings it all together.

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Multidisciplinary Exploration &
Rigorous Guided Education

Curricular Themes

Coaching and Advising

Benefit from frequent, expert support and counseling in both academics and in your career search.


Master analytical models, technology, and data. Enrich and strengthen your business education with liberal arts and sciences. Become an agile, critical thinker.

Identity & Diversity in Organizations

Understand the real-world value and importance of diverse perspectives in organizations.

Global Experiences

Spend a few weeks or an entire semester abroad to gain perspective on your world and the world of business.


Figure out who you want to be and what you want to accomplish in life. Develop the tools and techniques to make a real difference.

Positive Business

Learn to use business as a tool to improve society as well as the bottom line.

360˚ Thinking

Look at a challenge or a problem from different angles to come up with the best solution. Learn to integrate different perspectives into a complete picture.

Learning by Doing

Learn about stock trading on our model trading floor; work with real companies on creating strategies; and get support for your entrepreneurial ideas.

Coursework by Year

The Ross BBA requires 120 credits. You will need at least 58 business credits. Fifteen of these are elective credits, including a three-credit Capstone Course. You will also need at least 54 liberal arts credits.

Freshman Year
Discover the liberal arts and sciences

Explore and Connect.

Your first year at the University of Michigan is spent at another college on campus. You’ll get the chance to explore the U-M and Ann Arbor community, build your network, get involved, and begin your coursework in the liberal arts and sciences.

Ross Required Pre-work:

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Sophomore Year
Build your business skills and explore the concept of positive business

Business & Leaders: The Positive Difference.

Explore what role you can play in business, and what role business can play in society, in this unique introductory course. It will help you determine where and how you want to contribute to the Ross community, build on your passions, and develop personal plans to guide your BBA experience toward your career goals. The course introduces some action-based learning approaches like live case studies, simulations, and guest speakers in addition to lectures, discussions, and online exercises.

Required Courses


Business & Leaders: The Positive Difference (BA 200)

Financial Accounting (ACC 300)

Business Analytics & Statistics (TO 301)


Managerial Accounting (ACC 301)

Business Strategy (STRATEGY 290)

Begin the Floating Core (four courses to be completed between sophomore winter term and senior fall term: BE 300, FIN 300, MKT 300, and TO 300)



Junior Year
Connect with other cultures and different perspectives

Integrative Semester.

Explore the connections between business disciplines by studying one set of cases from multiple points of view. Expand your horizons. Go beyond your cultural comfort zone. Study and learn abroad to see how business and cultural norms differ around the country and the world.

Required Courses

Fall Integrative Semester:

Communication Strategies (BCOM 350)

Business Law & Ethics (BL 300)

Behavioral Theory in Management (MO 300)

Operations Management (TO 313)


Continue the Floating Core (four courses to be completed between sophomore winter term and senior fall term: BE 300, FIN 300, MKT 300, and TO 300) and electives at Ross or take advantage of a study abroad program



Senior Year
Apply all that you've learned and start achieving your goals

Capstone Courses 

These integrate your academic experience, focus on the first years in your chosen career, or are rooted in research.

Required Courses


Corporate Strategy (STRATEGY 390)

Complete the Floating Core (four courses to be completed between sophomore winter term and senior fall term: BE 300, FIN 300, MKT 300, and TO 300)



Capstone course, selected from a menu of offerings