Early Action Deadline Has Passed, You've Applied — What Happens Now?


Congratulations! The Hard Part™ is over. You’ve done all of the work necessary to apply to the University of Michigan and the Ross BBA program — and now is the time to sit back and be patient as the process moves forward.

The earliest you could possibly hear an admission decision from Ross is early February. But what happens between now and then and what exactly do we do with your application after you submit it?

Let me take you through it.

Step One — U-M Review

The first thing that happens after you submit your application is that it gets reviewed by the University of Michigan Office of Undergraduate Admissions (OUA). Their management team, regional counselors, and trained readers will examine and carefully consider your transcripts, essays, test scores, extracurricular activities, and awards.

After several thorough reviews, the committee will decide whether to admit you to the University and forward your application to Ross.

You’ll hear from U-M about their decision by December 24.

All of this happens before anyone at Michigan Ross sees what you’ve submitted.

Step Two — Ross Review

When we all return to campus in January following holiday break, we’ll begin reviewing applications for Ross BBA students. A few things to know about this:

  • There’s no need to contact us to see if we received your application, nor do you need to ask OUA to forward your application — this will happen automatically, and we’ll send you an email confirmation in mid-January letting you know that we’ve received your application and are beginning to review it.
  • Similarly, there’s no need to contact us to see if you need to submit more information. We’ll reach out to you if we have questions!

If you were admitted by OUA, applied to Ross, but forgot to submit the portfolio, we will email you. Actually, we might start to get annoying because if you forgot to submit the portfolio, we will email you every Friday leading up to February 1 — which is the last day you can submit the Ross Admissions Portfolio.

Step Three - Decision

As I said earlier, the soonest you could possibly hear an admission decision from Ross is early February — But not everyone will hear at the same time, and some decisions are not finalized until April.

To help make that timeline a little more transparent, we will be posting a decision release schedule in January that will let you know when we plan to make admission announcements. It won’t be personalized and will only tell you when groups of decisions are going to be released. This will give you a clear idea of when you may hear from us.

But, until then, the best advice we have is to hang in there and bear with us while we read through all of your hard work.  

I recommend you take some time to relax, continue to be curious and engage with your studies — a topic we’ll cover more in my next post. You can also check out this blog for some more “waiting game” strategies.

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