You Better Work: Ross Students Get Real About Their Final Projects


An integral part of the Ross BBA student experience might surprise you: Actual work. In a real company. With real coworkers and real meetings.

At Michigan Ross, this idea of REAL experiences is part of our DNA and is woven into the BBA curriculum. It’s part of the reason 96% of Ross BBA grads in 2017 had job offers three months after graduation.

Perhaps most notably, this idea takes the form of the Capstone MAP project our BBA seniors complete during their final winter term.

Students have three different types of Capstone options when deciding how they want to complete their Ross education, but the Capstone MAP option is worth highlighting and is one we hope you’ll look forward to.

During the course, students are partnered with real companies and work with them on a semester-long project to solve a real business problem.

We recently gathered a group of students who finished their Capstone project with companies like General Motors and a startup called WorkIt Health.

All we did is ask them to talk about their experiences. We didn’t script them, but we did listen in.

I think you’ll find their open and candid discussions about their experiences helpful.




You can learn more about the specifics of the Capstone course by reviewing this page, and if you enjoy these videos, share them with people who might be interested in the real world business education we offer here at Ross.

If you have specific questions about Capstone MAP, feel free to leave them in the comments. We can connect you with a current student who would be happy to chat more in-depth about the experience.

Norm Bishara
Norm Bishara
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

"Take risks that demonstrate you can take on challenges & bounce back from failures."