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JUST IN: Michigan Ross Ranked No.1 for Best-Run MBA Program in New Princeton Review Survey

By Alexa Tran

The Ross School of Business was recently ranked No.1 for the Best Administered MBA program, according to the Princeton Review.

The rankings for best-administered program are based on MBA student ratings of how smoothly their business schools are run and how easy it is to get into required and popular courses.

“I'm thrilled that our students rated the administration so highly,” said Soojin Kwon, managing director of Full-Time MBA Admissions and Program. “Our team is committed to listening, understanding, and supporting students to make their experience the best that it can possibly be. We're proud to get the distinction of being No. 1.”

For the 2021 rankings, the Princeton Review surveyed 17,800 students from 244 business schools from the 2019-2020, 2018-2019, and 2017-2018 academic school years. The survey evaluated schools according to 18 separate measures, including classroom experience, faculty quality, family friendliness, and resources catering to women and minorities. The ranking also asked how well their school prepared them for careers in consulting, finance, management, marketing, and other fields.

Six categories relied exclusively from student-supplied data: administration, campus environment, faculty quality, student competitiveness, and green MBA, which is defined as “preparing (students) to address environmental, sustainability, and social responsibility issues in their career.” 

Another 11 categories contained a mix of student and administrator responses: resources for female and minority students, career prospects, classroom experience, and best MBA for consulting, finance, marketing, management, nonprofits, operations, and human resources. The final category – toughest admissions – consisted of data given exclusively by schools.

Michigan Ross finished in the top 10 among top-tier business schools for the following:

  • No. 2 for faculty quality
  • No. 5 for family friendly
  • No. 7 for classroom experience
  • No. 9 for career prospects

As for curriculum rankings, Michigan Ross also earned many top 10 rankings:

  • No. 4 for human resources
  • No. 6 for marketing
  • No. 8 for consulting
  • No. 8 for management
  • No. 8 for operations

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