Learn Business the Same Way You’ll Lead It.

There’s no instruction manual for a successful enterprise. Taught by expert Ross faculty members, our curriculum prepares you to make tough choices, take action in ambiguous situations, and meet any challenge.

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Credits Over 3 Residencies
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A Learning Environment Unlike Any Other

With the Online MBA Program, you’ll receive an active, engaging education designed to help you lead in an increasingly digital world. Get the chance to connect with your professors and classmates in real time, learn at your own pace, and put your knowledge to the test with an in-person residency.

What Could My Schedule Look Like?

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You can choose to start the Online MBA in the fall or winter, and take courses at the pace that works best for your day-to-day schedule and aligns with when you want to complete the program. Here are sample course schedules for students who plan to finish the program between 2.5 and 3.5 years:

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Optional On-Campus Courses
Once you have completed the Online MBA core coursework, you are eligible to attend elective courses on campus in Ann Arbor with other Michigan Ross MBA students.

Dual Degrees
You may enroll in a dual-degree program after being accepted to both Michigan Ross and another U-M school or college. Separate applications must be submitted to both schools; acceptance to either school is not contingent upon the other. Please note that not all degree programs will have online course options.

Customize Your Learning Journey

Choose among a variety of elective courses to customize your studies according to your interests and goals. Of the 57 credits required for the program, 17.25 are reserved for electives.

Some of our most popular electives include: 

Healthcare Markets and Public Policies (BE 708)

Managing the OMBA Fund (FIN 705)

Leading Diverse Teams and Organizations: A DEI Toolkit (MO 730)

Strategies for Growth (STRATEGY 772)

Communicating in a Virtual World (BCOM 710)

All Courses

Please note that all elective courses starting with "7" are delivered in an online format. All other electives are taken on-campus.

Strengthen Your Skills with
In-Person Residencies

In-person learning residencies are an important, required part of the Online MBA and provide in-depth, hands-on workshops in business leadership, innovation, and transformation.

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Tackle a Real Business Challenge with MAP

During the Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP) course, you’ll work in a team to solve a problem for a real-world company or organization. Designed to test your business acumen, this term-long, six-credit course is required.

Online MBA MAP

MAP project in Solomon Island
OMBA working

Learn Business By Doing Business

Establish and run a functional team within a real company in our immersive Living Business Leadership Experience (LBLE) course. Whether you're helping launch a new product, explore new lines of business, or develop a market entry strategy, LBLE gives you the opportunity to lead across an organization.

Living Business Leadership Experience

Gain Global Experience

Go just about anywhere in the business world through short-term and semester-long global experiences. Spend two weeks exploring modern economics in China, advise a startup in the Middle East, or take classes at an international partner school. The opportunities are endless.

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