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Years of average full-time work experience


Students with advanced degrees


Average GPA

Undergraduate Majors
19.5% Business / Finance / Accounting / Marketing
5.7% Computer Science
6.9% Economics
28.7% Engineering
10.3% Humanities
6.9% Math/Natural Sciences
1.1% Music
20.7% Social Science
Class Composition
30 Average Age
7 Average Years of Full-Time Work Experience
32% Students with Advanced Degrees
40% Sponsored Students
26% Women
86.2% Out-of-State Students
25 States Represented
6.9% International Students
Undergraduate GPA
3.5 Average
3.0-3.8 Middle 80% Range


Graduate GPA  
3.5 Average
3.1-3.9 Middle 80% Range


Career Industry Prior to MBA
6.9% Aerospace 9.2% Automotive
2.3% Construction 6.9% Consulting
2.3% Consumer Packaged Goods 3.4% E-Commerce
2.3% Energy 5.7% Entrepreneurial Venture
2.3% Finance 2.3% Government
11.5% Healthcare 5.7% Internet & Software Services
2.3% Law 6.9% Manufacturing
4.6% Military 2.3% Nonprofit
4.6% Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology 5.7% Other
677 Average
620-730 Middle 80% Range
GRE Quantitative
158 Average
158-164 Middle 80% Range
GRE verbal  
158 Average
151-165 Middle 80% Range

Race and Ethnicity
(U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents)

The United States Department of Education provides federal guidelines for maintaining, collecting, and presenting data on race and ethnicity. Michigan Ross is required to follow these standards which allow students to self-identify their ethnicity and race, with the option to select more than one race and/or ethnicity, for all federal reporting purposes. The racial and ethnic categories listed here reflect those included in our application process, per federal guidelines. U.S. race / ethnicity is shown as a percent of U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

  Federal Guidelines Multidimensional Reporting
Asian American 19 23.8% 21 26.3%
Black or African American 1 1.3% 1 1.3%
Hispanic or Latinx 8 10% 8 10%
White 43 53.8% 52 65%
Not Indicated 7 8.8% 7 8.8%
Multi-Race 2 2.5% n/a n/a

Federal Reporting Guidelines

The second and third columns reflect our student demographic data as reported based on federal government guidelines. Per these guidelines, all students who identify as Hispanic or Latinx and any other race are represented as Hispanic or Latinx only. Students who identify with more than one race are represented as Multi-Race only. The third column sums to 100% but may be slightly lower or higher due to rounding. 

Multidimensional Reporting

In the fourth and fifth columns, we share students' full racial and ethnic identities to more inclusively reflect the racial/ethnic groups with which they identify. As such, students with multi-racial/ethnic identities are represented in more than one row, meaning the fifth column adds to more than 100%.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Michigan Ross students thrive in an inclusive environment where diverse voices are heard and valued. Diversity fuels success by inspiring new ways of thinking, expanding your ability to tackle issues from many angles, and by driving innovation. 

Student Diversity

Student Voices
A year after beginning one of the most exciting and strenuous experiences of my life in the Michigan Ross Online MBA Program, I was afforded the opportunity to reflect upon it during Episode 305 of the Working for the Weekend podcast .

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Andrew Kim
Student ambassador
Class of 2024
My name is Andrew Kim and I'm currently enrolled in the Ross Online MBA program. I went to Cornell University where I completed my undergraduate degree in...
Brittany Kruelskie
Student ambassador
Class of 2023
After graduating from the Colorado School of Mines in 2011 with a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering, I started my career in oil and gas working for BP. I have...
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