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All applications are due by 11:59 pm ET on the date listed to be considered for the round.
Early application is encouraged. Cohorts will start Summer Term.

Round 1

Deadline: October 3, 2021

Decision: Week of November 22, 2021

Round 2

Deadline: December 5, 2021
Decision: Week of January 31, 2022

Round 3

Deadline: January 30, 2022
Decision: Week of March 14, 2022

Round 4

Final Deadline for International Applicants

Deadline: February 27, 2022
Decision: Week of April 4, 2022

Round 5

Final Deadline for Domestic Applicants

Deadline: April 3, 2022
Decision: Week of April 18, 2022

Your Application Checklist

1. Satisfy the pre-req requirement and confirm eligibility.

Candidates must have successfully completed a Pre-Calculus OR Introduction to Statistics course to meet the prequisite requirement. The course may be complete, in progress or intended at the time of application submission.

Please note the MM program is designed for non-business majors who are graduating this year or completed their undergraduate studies less than two years ago. Students with a business degree and/or more than two years of professional experience post-undergrad are not eligible for the MM program.

For a course to meet our prerequisite requirements:

  • It must be taken in a classroom setting (Courses offered online due to the COVID-19 pandemic will fulfill prerequisite requirements. These courses must have been taken between March, 2020 - July 2021)
  • You must earn a grade of “C” or better.
  • Students who have earned college credit (as is reflected on your transcript) for AP Calculus AB or AP Statistics will also satisfy the prerequisite.
  • Community college course work is acceptable.

We understand that course titles vary by institution, so if you are unsure whether you meet our prerequisite requirements, you are welcome to complete and submit a Prerequisite Assessment Form prior to application. Please send the completed form to along with an unofficial transcript. The One-Year Master Program Office will review your coursework and respond via email.

2. Submit your transcripts or WES evaluation.

Transcripts must be submitted from every undergraduate or postgraduate institution you’ve attended. Unofficial transcripts may be uploaded to your application and are sufficient for evaluation. If you are admitted to the program, final official transcripts will be required from every institution attended prior to starting the program.

Applicants who have earned or will earn their undergraduate degree from a non-U.S. institution are required to submit a Course-by-Course WES Evaluation Report. Please be sure to secure your completed WES Evaluation Report in advance of submitting your program application. Please select and send your WES Evaluation Report to the University of Michigan Ross School of Business - One-Year Master's Programs. We also ask that your personal copy of the WES Evaluation Report is scanned and uploaded into the program application.

3. Take the GMAT or GRE.

You can provide either GMAT or GRE scores, which are valid for five years after you take the exam. You can provide either GMAT or GRE scores, which are valid for five years after you take the exam. You may self-report your score on the application or upload unofficial score reports. If accepted, official reports will be required. If you take the GMAT or GRE more than once, we will use your highest total score and the corresponding breakout scores in evaluating your application. We do not mix and match scores. Ross’ GMAT reporting code is SN1-J6-34; our GRE reporting code is 1839; reporting codes are valid for several Ross graduate programs.

The GRE/GMAT requirement  is waived for any student who at the time of application has a cumulative (not major) GPA of 3.30 or above from their undergraduate degree granting institution (applicants who are required to submit a WES evaluation will be evaluated for qualification on the basis of their WES GPA). Please note that the Admissions Committee does reserve the right to request test scores if they feel it is necessary to better evaluate an application.

If you would like to submit scores even if you meet the 3.3 cumulative GPA waiver you can do so. While filling out your application you will check “No” when asked to indicate if your GPA is 3.3 or higher. This will allow you to self-report your scores. If you choose to do this, you are required to have ETS send official scores.

4. Update your resume.

Your resume should include up-to-date educational information and professional experience. Please include dates. These should correspond with the dates you provide in your application. You may include community/professional service activities as well as hobbies/interests. We recommend that your resume be no longer than one page.

5. Write your essays.

  1. How will the MM program support you in achieving your short- and long- term career goals? What led you to pursue a graduate degree in business? (200 word minimum. Content beyond 300 words will not be reviewed.)
  2. Michigan Ross deeply values student engagement beyond the classroom. Please describe two or three meaningful ways in which you have engaged in your communities. (200 word minimum. Content beyond 300 words will not be reviewed.)
  3. Choose one (1) short answer prompt from the list below. (200 word minimum. Content beyond 300 words will not be reviewed.)

    An academic challenge I faced as a college student is/was…
    The greatest lesson I have learned thus far is…
    My best friend or colleague would describe me as…
    I am most proud of…
    My mentor is... because…
    My greatest responsibility is/has been…
    A time I helped resolve a group conflict was…
    I feel at my best when…

Optional Information:
If there is any other information that you believe is important to our assessment of your candidacy, feel free to add it to your application. (If in written form, limit your response to 500 words.)

6. Choose your recommenders.

Michigan Ross uses a program-specific reference form, and we require a submission from two references. Please note that reference letters will not be accepted. In order to obtain a viewpoint that is as objective as possible, we ask that you do not submit either reference from a personal or family source.

7. Prepare for your interview.

Interviews are conducted by invitation only. You may be asked to interview on campus or via video conference. Candidates interviewing in person are not evaluated differently than candidates interviewed via live video conference.

Interviews are expected to last up to 20 minutes. The interview provides the admissions committee with more information about you and is not an indication of the outcome of your application.

8. Pay your application fee.

The application fee is $75 USD for domestic applicants and $100 USD for international applicants.

The application fee is waived if:

  • You are a current or former member of the U.S. military.
  • You have served in the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, or Teach for America within three years of the application deadline.
  • You are a citizen of a country on the United Nations' list of least-developed countries. 

We do not waive application fees for any other reason.

Please email to request an application fee waiver prior to submitting your application

9. For international students.

Undergraduate Degrees and Transcripts

International applicants are required to submit copies of both an academic record and diploma (or other document indicating the date and conferral of your degree). Copies of documents are acceptable at the time of application; official documents will be requested if you are admitted to the program. If you will earn or have earned your undergraduate degree from a non-U.S. institution, you are required to submit a WES Evaluation Report.

We accept most three-year bachelor’s degrees, as long as they are equivalent to a four-year U.S. degree.

If the original language of the academic record and diploma is not English, a certified English translation must accompany the original document. The translation should be literal rather than interpretive. If a certified copy of the original transcript is submitted, it must be certified by the institution from which the degree was received. Documents notarized by a notary public are not acceptable.

Credentials must include:

  • Years of attendance at the academic institution
  • Courses taken
  • Grades received
  • Dated degree, diploma, or certificate

English-Language Proficiency

If your native language is not English, you must demonstrate competence in English by taking either the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam.

The minimum qualifying scores are:

  • TOEFL: 100
  • IELTS: 7.0

The TOEFL or IELTS exam must be taken no more than two years prior to the application deadline date.

For the TOEFL exam, we require the internet-based test (iBT) version of the exam. Ross’ TOEFL score reporting code is 1839.

To have IELTS scores sent electronically to Ross, select “University of Michigan – Ann Arbor” as the recipient.

Exemptions: International applicants who studied at an accredited institution where English was the sole language of instruction for the entirety of their undergraduate degree are exempt from the TOEFL or IELTS requirement.

What You Need for a Standout Application

We look for applicants who possess a number of key characteristics.
If you’re right for Ross, the following probably sounds a lot like you:

You Know How to Make an Impact

Your professional achievements, extracurricular involvements, recommendation letter, and personal essays highlight how you’ve made meaningful contributions that drive results. 

You Know Why You Want a Ross MM

You’re someone with a precise “why” behind the “what.” Your personal essays outline clear goals for your MM, and explain why Ross is the right program for you.

You've Got the Score

Your undergraduate record, GMAT and/or GRE score(s), and TOEFL help show us:

  • Your ability to succeed academically
  • The degree to which you have challenged yourself
  • Your quantitative background — college-level math should not be a problem for you
  • Your English-language ability

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When to Expect a Decision

Each application round has a corresponding week in which decisions will be shared with applicants who applied in that round (please see decision dates above). Please note that your evaluation will not start until all application documents have been received. This includes recommendation forms, transcripts, and exam scores.

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