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The student-run Michigan Ross Marketing Lab gives you a unique edge that no other business school does.

If you’re interested in a marketing career, you’ll need to understand how to turn data into insights and insights into action. You’ll need to learn industry standard tools like the Nielsen Co.’s Answers On Demand and the Tracx system for analyzing social media. The Michigan Ross Marketing Lab offers MBAs full access to these tools, along with real-time, real-world Nielsen data. Training sessions, case competitions, and other events help build your skills. So when you start your internship or your new marketing career, you are fully up to speed on day one. 

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Nielsen Tools

Ross students are the only business school students in the country with full access to Nielsen’s Answers On Demand web interface and point-of-sale data, a standard system relied upon by marketing professionals around the world. Ross students get the most current information on product sales and hands-on experience using the interface.

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The Ross Marketing Lab also features the multi-purpose Tracx social-media analytics tool. Tracx enables in-depth analysis of what users are saying about a particular brand; offers tools to refine social-media engagement; and measures performance and ROI. Students can learn and employ all these tools as they sharpen their marketing skills.

Upcoming Programs

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  • Google Analytics Presentation
  • Nielsen Learning Series (MBA 1)
  • Nielsen for non-marketers
  • Social Media Case Competition and Scavenger Hunt
  • Nielsen Accelerator Series
  • Elasticity Study

The Nielsen Learning Series encompasses eight hours of workshop-style training over multiple sessions, including tutorials and student work time. The series is entirely student-led and -facilitated.

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Lunch and Learn sessions and other presentations cover topics like how marketers can use social-media analytics; how non-marketers can benefit from the Marketing Lab tools; and how to employ Google Analytics to study consumer behavior on websites.

Kraft case competition

Case Competitions challenge students to employ Marketing Lab tools in real-world situations, such as leveraging Nielsen data to develop a solution to a CPG business challenge. The Marketing Lab is sponsoring three competitions this year.

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