Healthcare Management Concentration

The Ross Healthcare Management Concentration is perfect for students looking to combine interests in business and healthcare.

The concentration complements the Full-Time MBA curriculum with electives both at Ross and at top-rated schools throughout the university, along with healthcare-related activities outside the classroom. This combination, coupled with support for recruiting in healthcare, gives you the multidisciplinary background to become a true leader in the healthcare industry.

In the concentration, you will take 12 credits of healthcare course work and can complete the requirements within the 57 credits needed for your MBA. If you pursue a healthcare-themed MAP project, you may be approved to earn 3 credits toward the concentration.

We suggest you add the concentration in your first year of enrollment and you can complete the MBA program in 2 years. For questions about the concentration, contact an academic advisor at

Available Healthcare Courses

Course # Course Name Credits
Ross School of Business    
BA 523 Comprehensive Healthcare Strategies (formerly BE 523) 2.25
BA 656/657** Living Business Leadership Experience 3.0
BA 685** International Business Immersion 3.0
BE 518 Business of Biology 2.25
BE 608 Healthcare Markets and Public Policies 1.5
BE 688 Healthcare Public Policy Residential 3.0
ES 620 Healthcare Startups: Understanding Needs and Creating Ventures in Healthcare 2.25
ES 640 Building Healthy Business 1.5
ES 703** Social Venture Fund 3.0
ES 720 Commercialization of Biomedicine 1.5
Strategy 609 Health Care Strategy 2.25
TO 563 Innovations in Global Health Policy Delivery 1.5
TO 640** Big Data Management: Tools and Techniques 2.25
School of Information    
SI 542 Introduction to Health Informatics 3.0
SI 661 Managing Health Informatics 3.0
Ford School of Policy    
PUBPOL 533 Public Health in Developing Countries 3.0
PUBPOL 644 Health Economics and Public Policy 1.5
PUBPOL 750-306 Public Policy Approaches to Social Disparities in Health 3.0
Law School    
Law 684 Health Law and Policy 3.0
Law 781 FDA Law 3.0
Law 866 Health Reform and Related Controversies 3.0
School of Public Health    
HMP 610 Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Health 3.0
HMP 643 Managing People in Health Organizations 3.0
HMP 648 Evaluation and Research Methods for Health Informatics And Learning Systems 3.0
HMP 653 Law and Public Health 3.0
HMP 685 The Politics of Public Health Policy 3.0
HS 807 Management and Analysis of Large U.S. Health Data 4.0
PUBHLTH 626 Understanding and Improving the U.S. Healthcare System 1.0
School of Social Work    
SW 530 Introduction to Social Welfare Policies and Services 3.0
SW 634 Healthcare Policies and Services 3.0
SW 636 Mental Health Policies and Services 3.0
SW 644 Policies and Services for Older Adults 3.0

*This list is not exclusive. If you find a course not listed here that you would like to take, contact an academic advisor at for approval.

**This course counts toward the concentration pending evidence of a healthcare focus.

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