Specialization in Management Science

The Ross STEM-Designated Specialization in Management Science is designed for any MBA interested in pursuing a quantitative management and business analytics role — whether it's in marketing, supply chain, finance, technology, or as an entrepreneur. 

Through a diverse set of courses spanning seven academic areas, the 18-credit Specialization in Management Science gives you the flexibility to customize your study to your interests. Choose from a dynamic course selection that focuses on topics like The Psychology of Start-Ups, Competitive Tactics & Policy, Valuation, Artificial Intelligence for Business, and Marketing Engineering and Analytics.

STEM-Compliant Curriculum: Courses 

Complement your required general management coursework with 18 credit hours of approved courses for the STEM-Designated Specialization. Note that a minimum of 12 credit hours must be fulfilled by successfully completing Foundational Courses. 

Foundational Courses (Minimum 12 credit hours)

Mastering Execution: Resource Costing Systems - ACC 650 (1.5 credits)

Financial Statement Analysis I - ACC 711 (2.25 credits)

Financial Statement Analysis II - ACC 713 (2.25 credits)

Valuation - FIN 615 (2.25 credits) 

Marketing Research and Analytics: Linking Data to Business Decisions - MKT 618 (3.0 credits)

Customer Analytics - MKT 626 (1.5 credits)

Marketing Engineering and Analytics - MKT 630 (2.25 credits)

Applied Regression and Data Analysis - TO 566 (1.5 credits)   

     Data Mining and Applied Multivariate Analysis - TO 567 (1.5 credits)

Applied Business Forecasting I - TO 572 (1.5 credits)

Applied Business Analytics and Decisions - TO 618 (3.0 credits)

Logistics - TO 621 (2.25 credits)

Advanced Big Data Analytics - TO 628 (2.25 credits)

Artificial Intelligence for Business - TO 633 (2.25 credits)

Big Data Management: Tools and Techniques - TO 640 (2.25 credits)

Revenue Management - TO 649 (2.25 credits)


Additional Electives/Complementary Tools (Up to 3 credit hours) 

Financial Modeling - FIN 575 (1.5 credits)

Decision Support with Spreadsheets - TO 512 (1.5 credits)

Spreadsheet Modeling and Applications - TO 513

Business Application Development with Visual Basic for Excel - TO 515  (2.25 credits)

Project Management - TO 616 (1.5 credits)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does participating in the Specialization in Management Science affect the total number of credit hours I need to earn my MBA?

No. The 57-credit hour requirement to graduate remains for all students, including those completing the Specialization in Management Science. 

Does completing the Specialization in Management Science require any additional tuition expense?

No. Because total required credit hours remain the same, tuition is not affected. 

Could successfully completing the Specialization in Management Science support my ability to be employed in the U.S.?

Students who successfully complete the Specialization in Management Science and meet employment requirements may be eligible for the 24-month STEM OPT extension. 

Are there other courses that are eligible to be on the Specialization in Management Science list that are not included here?

The courses that qualify for this specialization in management science are listed here. New courses will be reviewed annually.

When can I opt-in to the Specialization in Management Science?

Students can begin taking courses in the first year of their MBA; however, the Specialization in Management Science is not officially reflected on your transcript until the start of your second year.

If I don’t complete the requirement for the Specialization in Management Science, can I still graduate with the MBA degree?

Yes, as long as you successfully complete the requirements for the MBA, you will still be able to earn an MBA without the Specialization in Management Science.

What if I change my mind, and no longer want to pursue the Specialization in Management Science?

Students will have the opportunity to opt-in and out one time. Once you opt out you will not be able to opt back in. 

Who can I contact with questions about the Specialization in Management Science?

Contact an academic advisor at rossgradacadadvising@umich.edu.

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