TVS Logistics is a fast growing, third party logistics provider across multiple sectors including automotive, distribution, electronics, and discrete component manufacturing.

TVS Logistics is a flagship company of the highly respected TVS Group. Established in 2004, TVS Logistics provides integrated supply chain solutions across the world either directly or through joint ventures and subsidiaries. TVS Logistics Services Ltd (TVS-LS) anticipates explosive growth in the logistics field.

For leading companies in this field to stay ahead, they must ensure that their managers are at the forefront of the technical, business, and leadership aspects of their roles. In addition, TVS-LS is re-crafting its organizational structure around its three core businesses of logistics, warehouse management, and asset utilization. As TVS-LS is a knowledge company, and differentiates itself in part on that basis, it is imperative for TVS-LS managers to be at the forefront of expertise and capability in each of these core business areas.

Ross School Engagement

TVS partnered with the Ross School to create a program for 30 senior leaders to develop skills encompassing managing complexity, judgment and decision making, process thinking/systems thinking, leadership capabilities, satisfaction and retention, implementation of strategy, talented management workforce, innovation and growth.

This three-year program designed by Professor M.P. Narayanan is intended to groom executives for the future of TVS. The three modules in this program are titled: General Management Essentials, Core and Domain Skills, and Individual Professional Development.


Outstanding insight into global practices, future trends added with practical knowledge for current job requirements.

R. Dillip // General Manager of Sales, TVS Logistics