C.K. Prahalad MAP

Michigan Ross’ signature action-based learning program, MAP, immerses MBA students in the real world, allowing them to apply their knowledge to solve a real issue facing an organization.

For C.K. Prahalad MAP Projects, Michigan Ross partners with organizations around the world to provide MBA students field experiences that address the relationship between profit generation and social value creation.


Student projects sourced through the initiative are designed to:

  • Help sponsoring organizations address practical business issues
  • Have a positive social impact on the communities and markets in which sponsoring organizations operate
  • Identify next practices that allow organizations to address both profits and social value creation
  • Continue the tradition of similar student projects that C.K. Prahalad initiated for his Bottom of the Pyramid work
  • Sponsors receive top-notch findings and recommendations from MBA students who have diverse skills, leading-edge knowledge, broad backgrounds, and business experience within leading global companies.

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Global Initiatives


C.K. Prahalad MAP Projects

Mahindra Automotive and Farm Equipment Sectors

Mumbai, India, Delhi, India, Bangalore, India, Chennai, India

Provide recommendations to enhance market share of utility vehicle market


Mumbai, India

Evaluate and build a comprehensive digital banking proposition for a specific target market

Equitas Holdings Private Limited

Tamil Nadu, India

Provide a financial needs assessment