The Michigan Ross Technology & Operations faculty members merge theory and practice to show you the science of value creation, along with the enabling technologies. 

You’ll learn how operations, supply chain management, and technology touch every part of an organization. Michigan Ross faculty members reach out not only to industry, but to other schools at the University of Michigan to inform both teaching and research. The Tauber Institute for Global Operations is a pioneering partnership between Ross and U-M’s acclaimed College of Engineering that gives you access to a deep pool of industry, academic, and peer expertise.

Our faculty members are renowned experts in how to create social value through operations management, global supply chains, information technology, and the integration of these ideas into practice.

Roman Kapuscinski, Chair

Brandon Uckele, Faculty Support Administrator

Technology & Operations Faculty Directory

Chair: Roman Kapuscinski

Roman Kapuscinski's research focuses on supply chain management and intersection of operational aspects with marketing and finance. This includes topics such as the value of information in coordinating the elements of supply chains, optimal design of production-inventory systems with capacity constraints, efficiency as a function of ownership within value chain analysis, and lead-time quotation.

Technology & Operations PhD Program

Social value is created when something is transformed into something else, of higher value to society.

The Technology & Operations department focuses on the design and management of value-creating transformation processes and their enabling technologies.

The Technology & Operations faculty lead their field in both research and teaching by leveraging a unique combination of Ross School programs. Established infrastructure, such as the Tauber Institute for Global Operations and the Ross School’s distinctive Multi-disciplinary Action Projects (MAP), can efficiently put faculty in touch with senior managers in a problem-solving context. This builds our faculty’s institutional knowledge, credibility in the classroom, and ability to identify problems of high business relevance.

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Technology & Operations at Michigan Ross


Global Initiatives
January 17, 2018
4:00 pm
Global Initiatives
January 26, 2018
1:00 pm
Frederick A. and Barbara M. Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise
January 30, 2018
5:00 pm
Global Initiatives
February 13, 2018
4:00 pm

Technology & Operations Courses

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 The Technology & Operations faculty lead their field in both research and teaching by leveraging a unique combination of Ross School programs. 


Fall 2017 Seminar Series for the Technology & Operations department.  


The Tauber Institute partnership between Ross and the College of Engineering provides tools for success in operations, supply chain, or manufacturing.


Learn from the best and connect with industry. See how the Ross Master of Supply Chain Management Program can transform your career.


Invitation-only forum exploring real-world business opportunities, risks and results for ongoing knowledge co-creation.


The Hosmer-Hall Interdisciplinary Research Luncheons bring Ross faculty together to discuss current research projects.