Communicating to Lead

Course Code
WMBA 527
.75 hours
  • Spring 20
  • Spring 21

Communicating to Lead --- This course if the third of three Business Communication courses in the Weekend MBA degree program focusing on communication objectives in the context of the overall program curriculum. The course provides additional exposure to essential business communication principles and frameworks as well as audience, situational and personal leadership considerations for both written and oral communication. Building on WMBA 525 and 526, 526 is designed to further develop skills and strategies for successful professional communication in situations that call for leadership. Specific objectives include: 1. Appreciate and develop effective communication approaches specific to individual career focus. 2. Understand strategic and entrepreneurial aspects of communication and formulate effective messages given organizational context and objectives. 3. Apply communication frameworks and composition tools to complex and challenging business messages considering audience, goals, and channel selection. 4. Develop communication competencies including successfully promoting personal brand identity and motivating/leading others. 5. Master confidence, ease, and efficiency with professional communication.

Taught By
Sarah Zimmerman
  • Lecturer Business Communication
  • Lecturer of Executive Education
Sarah Zimmerman teaches Business Communication at the University of Michigan. Research interests are currently in the role of design in the way we...