Yuwei Li

Yuwei Li

Class of 2020

Prior to coming to Ross, I worked in three companies (Deloitte, International Baccalaureate Organization, General Electric - Aviation) focusing primary on IT Project Management and Program Management. I led implementations of enterprise technology platforms such as Oracle and Salesforce to support both internal users and external customers. Throughout my experience in IT, I slowly developed a passion toward working directly with the business and end-users to design and build products and solutions aimed to improve efficiency and generate value for the business and customers. I ultimately realized that I aspired to transition away from a project execution role and into a business/strategy role. I knew an MBA was the missing link between my past work experiences and my future goals. I chose Ross School of Business because I believed Ross was the whole package. I wanted to go to a top program where I can not only get the job, but also learn and grow my business acumen through experiential learning. Having lived in DC before business school, I also wanted to go to a school in a smaller city where I can focus on my program for two years with peers from all walks of life. Culturally, I knew Ross was a fit for me due to the supportive nature and diversity of the Michigan community.

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University of Notre Dame

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