Yiwen (Chelsea) Pan

Yiwen (Chelsea) Pan

Class of 2020

After graduating from the University of Michigan in May 2011, I spent more than 6 years in the Insurance-Technology industry and obtained Chartered P&C Underwriter Certificate. Serving as a consultant, I had the opportunity to work closely with clients from the Netherlands, US, Middle East, and China. I helped my clients reconstructing business workflows, optimizing products and setting up platforms that connect their branches around the world. Being immersed in the latest technology innovations of the traditional insurance market, I spotted the niche market of the end-of-life planning insurance. I started my own company last year. We design life coverage that can be easily integrated into the existing products in the market and use technology to increase efficiency and usability.  I decided to pursue a MBA from Ross School of Business to build up skillsets necessary to run a company. Ross provides its students with a rigorous intellectual experience and the opportunity to apply action-based learning.  The tremendous alumni network Ross offers is also an asset. At Ross, we strive to be the best leaders. 

I am excided to join the big family of Ross and to be part of the active community!

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University of Michigan

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