Varitant Goyal

Varitant Goyal

Class of 2021

I am passionate about intersection of technology and business and have spent my past professional career working as a product manager in the rising Indian tech startup industry, working with OYO Hotels and Homes before coming to Ross. My passion to build consumer products from scratch helped me work closely with seasoned leadership and experience the growth of these startups to multi-billion dollar global organizations. With a long-term vision of establishing my own tech-healthcare venture, I wanted to pursue a global MBA and broaden my knowledge base to become a successful leader. With its experiential learning opportunities and the most collaborative and helping community, Ross and University of Michigan was the best choice for me. I am amazed by the diverse, talented, and friendly peers that I meet everyday at Ross and how Ann Arbor always feels like home. With its wide range of offerings through student clubs, professional development institutes, and action-based activities, Ross always has something to help you succeed. I'm looking forward to the next 2 years of my life in Ann Arbor. Go Blue!

Undergraduate Education

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

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Marketing-Brand/Product Management