Ushnish Banerjee

Ushnish Banerjee

Class of 2021

After completing my Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, I came to Michigan and have been working here as a simulation engineer for an automotive supplier. I have seen the auto industry changing with more emphasis on companies integrating newer technologies, getting leaner, and being more efficient. I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of this industry evolution and took the decision of going back to school to get my MBA degree, in order to obtain the business skill sets to compliment by research and technical background.

My work visa wouldn’t allow me to study as full-time student; I was looking for a program which will not only provide me an MBA degree with a global brand recognition, but also allow me to work full time and commute to the university. Ross’s weekend MBA program was the perfect blend of what I was searching for. Ross’s emphasis on action-based learning, along with interactions with highly educated and diverse cohort creates an environment for knowledge enrichment and experience of dealing with real scenarios in various industries. The bi-weekly schedule allows me to commute to the university on the weekends, while allowing me to continue to work full time at my job. And the best part about the weekend MBA program of Ross is that you get the same degree and benefits of that of a full-time MBA student.
I am privileged to be a part of the Ross community and will gladly help prospective students with questions they have about this program. GO BLUE!!

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NIT Durgapur

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University of Florida

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Mechanical Engineering
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