Tyler Hughes

Tyler Hughes

Class of 2024

Congrats on your pursuit of an MBA, and please let me know how I can help! My name is Tyler Hughes, and I’m a business consultant at Michigan Medicine and member of the weekend program. I graduated with my BBA at Ross in 2014, and began my journey into the healthcare space spanning across several finance, data analytics, and operations roles. Mission-driven organizations and their positive contributions to society is one my passions.

The Ross weekend MBA program has been a spectacular experience thus far. Everyone feels invested in the learning experience, and that includes opportunities both in and out of the classroom. Taking a mindful and intentional approach to getting the most out of the program is essential, but with that mindset I truly do believe anything is possible. All the opportunities, tools, and resources are there for the taking. Plus you will be surrounded by a group of peers that are equally excited and invested.

Again, please do reach out with your questions. Anything from program-specific questions to personal considerations you might want to talk through. We were all in your shoes not too long ago, and want to help as you consider this investment in yourself and your future!

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