Tianyu (Vivian) Zhang

Tianyu (Vivian) Zhang

Class of 2018


Looking back at the year I spent at Ross, I realized how much I benefited from the MAcc program.

Ross MAcc offered me a cross-discipline education that prepared me for my career in public and corporate accounting. While the core accounting classes enabled me to sit for the CPA exam, the elective classes that I took in different disciplines - including law, business analytics and marketing - enhanced my knowledge in business and improved my technical skills.

Pursuing the MAcc degree also allowed me to enter an active and engaged alumni network. Upon graduation I moved to the Bay Area and worked as an Audit & Assurance staff at Deloitte San Jose. After two years at Deloitte, I joined a Software/SaaS company and am now focusing on revenue accounting. Since moving to the Bay Area, I have felt that even though it is far away from Michigan, the Ross alumni network here is incredibly strong - and amazingly supportive.

If you have any questions about choosing the right program, taking CPA exams, or recruiting experience, please feel free to reach out to me and I will be happy to chat with you!

Confluent, Inc., Senior Revenue Accountant, Mountain View, CA

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The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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