Talha Bhatti

Talha Bhatti

Class of 2021

Prior to Ross, I spent my entire career working in corporate finance analytics in both the automotive and healthcare industries. Though I enjoyed my work and the people I worked with, I was most fulfilled when I had the opportunity to use the data I analyzed to help organizations make informed business decisions that would inevitably alter their strategic direction. I came to Ross to pursue that fulfillment with a career in consulting.I am also developing my leadership and soft skills which will benefit me both as a consultant and beyond. I've been amazed at how well each one of my interests are supported at Ross through program initiatives and my peers who were formerly employed in those industries. There is a true dedication to the development of future leaders here, and you will have every resource available that is necessary for you to achieve your goals. As a native of Metro Detroit, attending Ross has been a dream come true. I fell in love with Ross after participating in genuine conversations with program ambassadors who gave me a transparent look into the MBA journey. Please don't hesitate to reach out; I'd love to pay it forward in true Ross fashion!

Undergraduate Education

Wayne State University

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Business Administration
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Finance-Corporate Finance