Supreya Kesavan

Supreya Kesavan

Class of 2024

I have been passionate about sustainability for pretty much my whole life and have held roles in the space, both formally and informally! I'm super excited to have the space and opportunity to take the time to transition into the area fully. I have a focus on environmental justice-related issues and am taking an interest in the intersection of economics and justice (which seems like diametric opposites, but there is hope!). I hope to pivot to the International Development Sector to work at the United Nations. I have a background in Environmental Engineering, but spent five years in technology consulting at Accenture where I focused on product management and project management roles. I have extensive experience in human centered design, agile methodology and innovation design. Before leaving Accenture, I was working on a project enabling the technology/data for Accenture's Net Zero by 2025 goals. Ask me about anything sustainability related (not just environmental), food access/agriculture work, Net Impact, consulting, Midwestern life, food/cocktails or anything in between!

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Ohio State University

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Environmental Engineering
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