Stephen Grove

Stephen Grove

Class of 2020

My experience as an officer in the United States Navy was the most challenging experiences of my life.  Having to diverse teams of experienced Sailors through extremely demanding circumstances over my five years taught me the importance of humility, integrity, and respect when it comes to leadership.

Having spent the last few years of my career as civilian engineer at Naval Nuclear Laboratory, I realized more and more how much I truly value being in a position to improve people's lives, and to help bring teams of people together to accomplish challenging goals.  I decided to further my education at Ross because I knew that the top-tier education I would receive and the relationships I would get a chance to build would transform my life.  This experience would truly enable me to not only acquire the skills to manage a business, but would also give me unparalleled opportunities to put my past experience to good use in building my future. 

Undergraduate Education

Cleveland State University

Graduate Education

Old Dominion University

Areas of Interest

Ambassador Type
Alumni ambassador
Career Interest
Undergraduate Major
Mechanical Engineering
Graduate Major
Master of Engineering Management
Prior Industry
Military, Energy