Sneha Edupuganti

Sneha Edupuganti

Class of 2022

"I currently work at Google in Ann Arbor, MI and my role is to grow SMBs with the help of online advertising. Prior to this, I worked at Meijer HQ in Grand Rapids, MI as a Business Analyst. During my time at Meijer, I learned about a variety of sub-fields from product flow to logistics to brand management in retail. 

My time at both these companies solidified my interest in pursuing the MBA. Coming from a social science background, I wanted to have a foundation of business knowledge that could complement the skills I am developing at work. The Weekend MBA program specifically caught my attention because of how well it supported my learning style. I learn best by doing and this program allows me to learn new concepts in class and then apply them into my work life the next day.

I have had an amazing time getting to know my cohort already and I’m happy to share my experiences. Feel free to reach out if you want to chat or have any questions regarding the WMBA!"

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University of Michigan

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