Shubhankar Bhagwat

Shubhankar Bhagwat

Class of 2021

I am a first year MBA and moved to Ross from Mumbai, India. Back home in India, you'd find me playing futsal at midnights, gathering friends for horror movie marathons or dancing wildly to Hindi Bollywood songs.An urge to understand what made F1 cars so fast propelled me to study mechanical engineering, with a focus on computational fluid dynamics. Very soon, I convinced myself that when you marry data with technology, the world becomes a happy place. Over the past 6 years, I worked with startups in India in the ad-tech and e-commerce space and loved how emerging digital technologies were transforming businesses. It was this passion that drove my interest in digital strategy consulting as my future career choice. I chose Ross because of its deep focus on experiential learning and its range of resources to practice and build leadership skills. Additionally, the power of University Of Michigan community (Go Blue!) is well known, thus making Ross a great fit for my transition. After coming to Ross, I was amazed by the breadth of clubs and activities that one can engage in. 24 hrs feel less every day! Additionally, I can go far and beyond to explore activities in the broader University Of Michigan campus. Ann Arbor is a vibrant college town making the 2 year b-school experience really cozy. Long story short, my expectations have been surpassed! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. Go Blue!

Undergraduate Education

Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani

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Student ambassador
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Mechanical Engineering
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Strategic Planning