Shigeta Komatsubara

Shigeta Komatsubara

Hey there! My name is Shigeta and I am part of the MM 2020 cohort. As an undergrad, I also attended Michigan, where I majored in International Studies, Political Science, and minored in Asian Languages and Cultures. Originally, I was passionate about international relations and specifically economic development. On the other hand, as I progressed through my undergraduate studies, I started to see business as an enticing tool through which I could make impacts in economic development. Said interests led me to apply to this program, to complement my background with business acumen and knowledge. The MM program has already been empowering to me both academically and resource-wise. The opportunity to not only learn about business concepts in class but to also apply them through activities out of the classroom has expanded my perspectives on application of business. The professional development and recruiting resources in this program also have me feeling twice as confident about my being prepared for the real world than I was a year ago as a senior. I’ve been able to leverage networking events and resources to schedule countless mentoring sessions and networking calls. For a one year program, there is tremendous value for anyone to take away. Outside of the classroom, I am extremely passionate about the New York Yankees as well as the evolving world of streetwear. If I can be of any help to you, let’s talk!

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University of Michigan

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International Studies, Political Science