Shelly Sahi

Shelly Sahi

Class of 2017

It wasn’t until I was eating lunch with Kathryn Hauser, Government Relations Strategy Executive, that I realized how much my Ross Evening MBA will shape and influence my business knowledge and outlook. Thanks to the Evening MBA program, I was able to take a Business and Public Policy course that took place in Washington D.C. for one week. The new perspective from my first year of courses had influenced my position at Ford Motor Company’s Business Office, where I played a strategic role in assessing company finances for the next generation of vehicles. Now, I'm founding my own start up company with help of the Zell Lurie Institute of Entrepreneurship. I have access to endless talks from serial entrepreneurs on campus. In addition, my company, Sahi Cosmetics, was awarded a Dare to Dream Grant.

Why the evening program? I can continue to build work experience while I learn from industry experts (many of my professors have their own Wikipedia page with laundry lists of achievements). Whether you seek job enlargement in your current position or you are looking forward to utilizing the endless opportunities available at Ross for your next career move, Ross is the place to develop and grow your business acumen. I have used the Career Services offered at Ross to improve my resume and tune up my interview skills. These efforts helped me land a summer MBA internship at Kohls in marketing strategy. Ross offers a series of leadership courses that has helped me understand my strengths and create a vision for where I would like to be in the next ten years. With the curriculum offered at Ross, I intend to create the skill set that will enable me to achieve that vision.

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