Sasha Foo

Sasha Foo

Class of 2022

I spent the first seven years of my career working in education as a classroom teacher and at a nonprofit in the college access and college success space. I decided to pursue my MBA to develop the business skills necessary to be a leader in any space. I chose Ross because I knew that true learning requires putting theory into action, because I saw diversity and inclusion throughout my Ross experience, and because I felt unrivaled support from the people I met here. I knew that business school would be a time of massive growth, and I wanted to experience that with people I knew would push me to take risks and be there to catch me if I fell. So far, despite the challenges that come with school during COVID-19, I feel like I have found just that. Throughout my application experience, I relied on many people to help me understand the process, figure out what schools might be good fits for me, and get the information I needed to make my final decision. I hope to help you as others helped me, and while you should GO BLUE, I promise authenticity and honesty in our conversations.

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Stanford University

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Student ambassador
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