Sari Kassar

Sari Kassar

Class of 2023

Taking the decision to pursue an MBA while working full-time was not one that I could easily make. Understanding my educational, personal and financial situation as an emerging young professional was one thing that applying to Ross had me seriously consider for the first time. I come from a mechanical engineering background where I pursued research in materials science. I later pivoted to the automotive field where I started focusing on safety for autonomous driving. That was when I started understanding the business world through the lens of a global company. Having focused on the growing ADAS field within the automotive space, my passion started growing more towards the emerging technology and analytics spectrum. As I began to participate in developing internal product roadmaps and strategies with my senior leaders, I knew it was time to start building some more advanced business knowledge. Ross was my ultimate choice!

At Ross, I have been challenging myself to do more, every day! I must genuinely admit my professors helped uncover my interest in Marketing. That led me to pursuing my MAP project with Microsoft where I focused on marketing principles pertaining to sustainability. Taking that interest further, I am humbled to have been elected as VP of Marketing and Communications by my colleagues for the part-time MBA board.

If you feel like discovering yourself and your passions in the auto-tech space as a part-time MBA, I might be of help, so do reach out. Ask me about being an international student, Lebanese food, and all the cool places you want to hang out here in Michigan. Ross is likely the place you want to be at, especially if you are looking to find lifetime friendships. So, come make a difference, and Go Blue!

Undergraduate Education

American University of Beirut

Graduate Education

University of Michigan - Dearborn

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Undergraduate Major
Mechanical Engineering
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Mechanical Engineering MS