Sarah Loeb

Sarah Loeb

Class of 2020

I have a liberal arts educational background (I majored in Government, specifically Political Theory), so I am a somewhat non-traditional business school student. I came to Ross to obtain a strong business foundation that will allow me to be a well-rounded general manager. Most recently, I worked for four years at a software analytics company in Boston, MA, where I had various marketing roles. Before that, I worked for a marketing consultancy that specialized in small and medium-sized businesses, and my first job out of college was for a non-profit that provided small business development. I learned a huge amount about marketing and SMB consulting from my six years of experience, but I knew that the best way to accelerate my career growth would be to get an MBA. Right now, I'm focused on soaking in as much as I can in my core classes, and I'm pursuing roles in in marketing, corporate strategy, and general management. In my spare time, you can find me playing fetch with my dog, listening to podcasts, and getting to know my classmates.

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Bowdoin College

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Student ambassador
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Political Science
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Marketing - General