Sai Chodavarapu

Sai Chodavarapu

Class of 2023

I completed my BS in biomedical engineering from Purdue University and my MS in industrial and systems engineering from Wayne State University. I have been working in production operations since 2013 at a leading global firm in the design and manufacturing of assembly and fastening systems. While the cumulative academic and professional experiences have been instrumental in gaining invaluable expertise in core operational functions, I aspired to broaden my impact and influence. I recognized I lacked the exposure and understanding of other business areas that are vital for efficient deconstruction of strategic, higher-level problems and strongly felt the structure and rigor of an MBA represented the most effective way to shore up this gap.

So why Ross? A great deal of my personal, academic and professional growth to date has come through team-based experiences. Ross’ emphasis on collaboration and action-based learning was a huge selling point to me. The diversity and intensity of teamwork at Ross starts well before the first semester of classes. Going through the weekend MBA with a cross-functional, cross-industry cohort and the opportunity to develop transformative business acumen at an institution with global cachet a stone’s throw away from me were additional selling points.

Please reach out with any questions on the application process, for GMAT study tips, work-life balance and recommendations on places to explore around Ann Arbor and Detroit-Metro! GO BLUE!

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