Ryan Hampton

Ryan Hampton

Class of 2021

After graduating from the computer engineering program at the University of Michigan in 2015, I spent several years architecting solutions for the automotive industry, followed by a year of leading the SMART Grid effort in Washington, D.C. During my time in the power and automotive industries, I realized there is much more to running a successful business than simply solving engineering problems. I wanted to broaden my scope and start addressing larger, more abstract business challenges. During my time as an engineer, I developed a keen talent for analytical problem solving, but I lacked core business skills. An MBA from Ross will allow me to increase my business focus and solve problems from the top-down. I was drawn to the weekend program in particular because it allows me the benefit of a world-class MBA while continuing to grow my career at my current company. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about Ross, especially if you come from an engineering background - Go Blue!


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University of Michigan

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Student ambassador
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B.S.E. Computer Engineering
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Technology, Consulting