Rishabh Sood

Rishabh Sood

Class of 2021

I started my career as an entrepreneur and have mostly been in startup environments before coming to Ross. My most recent role, where I worked with a FinTech startup as a product manager was my first time working for someone else. My career path so far has spanned areas including manufacturing, renewables, travel and technology. I am passionate about building products that leverage technology to solve problems. I came to Ross with the aim to transition to a larger, global organization where the work I do has greater potential impact on people's lives. Having studied at NYU, with its campus spread across buildings that merge with the larger city, and where students have their own busy lives outside of school, I was very intentional about my choice of location. Along with the myriad benefits of being in Ann Arbor within a larger university, Ross, with its breadth of academic offerings, close-knit community and variety of real-world learning experiences to choose from, was the perfect place for me to spend 2 years for my MBA.

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New York University

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