Ricco Iglesias

Ricco Iglesias

Class of 2024

As a Filipino immigrant and first-generation college graduate, I found passion in engaging with the community and managing projects relating to health equity. After graduating from University of California, Berkeley in 2017, I worked for a couple years in the non-profit sector as a Project Manager on mental health initiatives. Afterward, I pivoted to working in city government as a main coordinator of the city's COVID-19 response. From these experiences, I became curious about the business of healthcare and started my first year of graduate school at the UM School of Public Health and its Health Management and Policy (HMP) program. Throughout my first year, I found myself becoming increasingly interested in using business frameworks as a means to achieve health equity and not long after, applied to Ross. Since starting, I have found nothing but support and care from all those around me. I am continuously expanding my knowledge about healthcare and business, and am always surprised on the ample opportunities that this school has to offer.

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University of California Berkeley

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