Regulo Salinas

Regulo Salinas

Class of 2019

My decision to choose Ross over other Business schools became clear as soon as I visited Ann Arbor, which is something I highly recommend to everyone who's considering Ross. When my wife and I arrived at AA it was a quick fit, we fell in love with this college town because it has an energy like no other place. If you add the great variety of restaurants, pubs and activities; Ann Arbor is truly a great place to live. Ross students are unique, they greeted us in the friendliest way possible,which made us feel like we already belonged to this school and that’s something I had never felt before. I believe in the power of learning while doing and Ross' focus on action based learning has allowed me to learn more than I could have imagined. Ross has a great community of students and professors who are constantly trying to help you unlock your true potential; due to this and countless other reasons mentioned before Ross is like a home to me.

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Inst Tecnologico Estudios Superiores de Monterrey

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