Ravi	Idupulapati

Ravi Idupulapati

Class of 2021

"Soon after graduating from Bradley University with Masters in Electrical Engineering, like every one of you I had my moments of crippling fear of what future might hold for me, I started my career as a software engineer in General Motors and then at Continental Automotive as a senior engineer for the Automotive mobility and safety unit. These 8 years have helped me to learn the deeper insights in automotive technology and appreciate my job. I loved being a Techie but part of me always chases to understand and learn the business nuances which driven me to pursue MBA at ROSS, to understand the business side of things and to improve my skill in making impactful business decisions. Fortunately while doing my WMBA, I had the privilege to switch careers and moved into a consultant role at the same organization, where I collaborate with different business units to support their product quality, safety improvements and assess the risks involved.

When I was admitted into the WMBA program at Ross, it was truly the happiest day of my life, not only did Ross unwrapped the so many why questions my brain babbled thus far, it gave me answers. Provided me with the tools to create a strong network with whom I can hold affirmative conversations. If I have to handpick my favorite things at ROSS, I would have to pave the way for how culturally diversified we all are and the quality of education speaks for itself. I will truly be a torchbearer for the Ross WMBA program and proudly speak high about the greatness and standard “ROSS” has for itself. I am humbled and honored to serve you. Please feel free to reach out to me.


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Bradley University

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Electrical Engineering