Rashmitha Sirsi

Rashmitha Sirsi

Class of 2017

Ross offered a superior MBA experience in all aspects. After contemplating enrolling in an MBA program for three years, I finally decided to quit my job in Chicago and move to Michigan with the dream of enrolling at Ross. I was looking for an MBA experience that not only had a world-class curriculum but provided as close to full time experience as possible. Ross evening MBA fit the bill perfectly. It provided opportunities for part time students to actively participate in student activities and clubs, as well as the flexibility of balancing a full time job, personal life and school work. In my experience at Ross to date, I have seen many opportunities that I never thought possible. It has been a constant fast paced learning experience for me through the lectures, class discussions and group studies and I have been able to apply these concepts to real life the very next day.

Undergraduate Education

VTU, India

Areas of Interest

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Alumni ambassador
Undergraduate Major
Electronics and Communication Engineering