Rafa	Maniglia

Rafa Maniglia

Class of 2022

"I started my career at a Brazilian chemical company working with international business development. I traveled extensively and learned about different cultures while developing my business communication skills and how to build key partnerships. Next, I transitioned to a start-up project and helped the company build a new division. In this new role, I learned about customers' problems and needs while leading a team to develop new products addressing specific demands.

Since 2015, I have been working at an American tech company based in the San Francisco Bay Area that produces software, hardware, and inks: leading industrial printing transformation from analog to digital. Some of the most important skills I have learned in this position include crafting and executing strategies during chaotic times, as well as leading 'mission critical' projects while managing stakeholders’ interests.

The Michigan Ross MBA degree is a unique life-changing learning experience that is helping launch the next level of my career, deepening my understanding, and successful utilization of business management and leadership skills."

Undergraduate Education

Eastern Michigan University

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Chemistry - Polymers