Rachel Thurman

Rachel Thurman

Class of 2020

I am originally from sunny Southern California - LA area! After attending UC Berkeley for undergrad, I decided to stay in the Bay Area and worked there for four years. Never having lived outside of the West Coast, I knew it was very important to me to find a place where I immediately felt at home and felt that I belonged. My biggest fear in my MBA process was going somewhere and regretting it, or feeling like I may have made the wrong choice. Now at Ross, I could not be more thrilled with my decision, and I am so glad I took the leap of faith and made the move out to Michigan. I easily could have stayed in California, closer to friends and family, and been happy, but I knew it would be much more rewarding and transformative for me to push myself outside of my comfort zone. Personally, I am an avid traveler, and the MAP program was a huge distinction for me in my desire to have global experiences while in school. In addition, I am a passionate equestrian rider, ski enthusiast, and wine lover, so I am happy to speak about any of these things as well!

Sanger Leadership Center Ambassador

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University of California Berkeley

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Political Economy of Industrial Societies
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