Rachel Bartolo

Rachel Bartolo

Class of 2024

I grew up near Ann Arbor, attended Michigan for undergrad, and lived back in the area for a couple of years before starting at Ross. I can speak to what it is like to live in Ann Arbor and to come back as a Double Wolverine. My decision to come to Ross came down to the people I met, both current students and alumni, so I'm excited to speak with anyone who is curious about Michigan or the application process in general. Prior to the MBA, I volunteered at the Toledo Museum of Art and have been in a weekend painting group for a few years, so I like to make art and attend art related events. I also like to roller blade, run (...jog), and am also a new member of the pole dance club on campus.

Undergraduate Education

University of Michigan Ann Arbor

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Women's Studies
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Real Estate