Prutha Patel

Prutha Patel

Class of 2021

After graduating and interning at a nonprofit that was changing the conversation around marketing in the field, I worked at an ad agency in NYC on the National Video Activation team. I aimed to gain as much knowledge about agency life as possible and bring that back to the social sector. I transitioned to nonprofit consulting where I managed a portfolio of projects that worked on different social challenges. I quickly realized that business skills were a necessity to help further public-private sector partnerships and that my true passion revolved around understanding people and helping to improve their daily lives. I chose Ross not only for the experiential learning programs, but also because every student and alumnus I spoke to highlighted the fact that the community Ross fosters is full of unique, kind, intelligent and inclusive peers who always go the extra mile. In my first year, I witnessed this on countless occasions and it has made my experience here incredible. I have found a way to marry my passion for impact and marketing together through resources and connections here at Ross.

Undergraduate Education

Rutgers State University New Jersey New Brunswick

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Student ambassador
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Public Health
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